The Alexander Technique with Peter Bloch in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Video and Audio of MATTS Zoom Meetings, April to July 2020

Malcolm's Lectures on Man's Supreme Inheritance (video)

Introductory Lecture (historical, philosophical, educational context)  30/4/20  36 mins

First lecture on the text (FM and Dr Scanes Spicer) 7/5/20, 30 mins & notes    

Second lecture (including discussion of breathing)  14/5/20, 34 mins & notes 

Third lecture, Chapter 3 (including intro. on Use, Structure and Function)  27/5/20, 31 mins & notes

Fourth lecture, Chapter 4 (including intro. on Vagus nerve and discussion)  4/6/20, 41 mins & notes 

Fifth lecture, Chapter 4 (Conscious Control)  11/6/20, 30 mins & notes  

Sixth lecture, Chapter 4 (The Stutterer)  18/6/20, 31 mins & notes (first two pages)

Seventh lecture, Chapter 5 (Making a Choice)  25/6/20, 18 mins & notes (last two pages)

Eighth lecture, Chapter 5 (Habits, applied conscious control)  9/7/20,  36 mins & notes

Ninth lecture, end of Ch 5, start of Ch 6 (FM's racism; effects of poor habits)  16/7/20, 29 mins & notes

Tenth lecture, Ch 6 (difference between fixed habits and changeable habits)  23/7/20, 34 mins & notes  

Update 13/2/21 - I have removed many of the videos and audios previously posted because of limited memory on my website, leaving only a selected few that we may need for training going forward. However, I have kept copies of them all; please contact me with the date if possible if you need particular videos or audios from the archive.


Semi-supine talk throughs

Malcolm  29/4/20  21 mins

Jane O  13/5/20  22 mins

Jane O  21/5/20  25 mins

Sallie's Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (video)

1) A brief history of the study of anatomy   6/5/20   27 mins

2) An introduction to the terminology used in anatomy   13/5/20, 16 mins & notes

3) The Axial Skeleton   20/5/20, 35 mins & notes

4) The head & neck, joints (& Alison: anatomy of 'forward and up')   27/5/20, 37 mins & 2 mins & notes

5) Muscles (general)  3/6/20, 36 mins & notes

6) Muscles of the head, neck and back   10/6/20, 32 mins & notes  

7) Lateral and anterior neck muscles   17/6/20, 41 mins & notes

8) The Facial Muscles   24/6/20, 24 mins & notes

9) The throat and tongue   1/7/20, 23 mins & notes

10) The throat and tongue pt.2   8/7/20, 25 mins & notes

11) Chewing and swallowing   15/7/20, 38 mins & notes & notes on head forward posture by Malcolm

12) Speech and voice, with interpolation by Peter from AT perspective  22/7/20, 47 mins & notes

Other talks, games and/or discussions  (video & audio)

On "allowing the neck to be free" - what is "Direction"? The difference between thinking, feeling and doing (discussion with Jane, Peter, Malcolm and others)  13/5/20 video, 22 mins  

The transcript of Walter's lecture mentioned during the discussion is here.

The Use of the hands in teaching - general directions in terms of overall intent. Game with Peter and discussion.  14/5/20  video, 32 mins

The Stroop Test for Inhibition document - Game with Malcolm on 20/5/20

The Use of the Tongue, Part 1, Game with Sue F and discussion  21/5/20, video 25 mins & notes.

The Use of the Tongue, Part 2, Game with Sue F   4/6/20, video, 19 mins & notes.

The Pharynx, Game with Sue F   25/6/20, video, 22 mins & notes

'Towards a Practical Philosophy for Building a Successful AT Practice' - Talk with Peter on 21/5/20, notes.

Arms and hands game with Janet P-E on 1/7/20, video 18 mins, notes

Use of the arms, in general and teaching musicians with Janet P-E on 16/7/20, video 21 mins

"Where am I?", preparation before lying down in semi-supine with Karen Wentworth, video 5 mins

Balancing on the legs and feet, game with Jane O on 9/7/20, video 17 mins

Inhibition & Direction, class discussion - Jamie, Brita, Malcolm, Peter and others, 16/7/20, video 12 mins


Special event:

Scoliosis: intro & demonstration with Emily Bancroft, part 1 Part 2 and the slides from the talk.

More: Scoliosis and teaching the AT, a brief talk by Peter, 8/7/20, audio 7 mins & and another discussion about working with scoliosis and/or with different leg lengths, 9/7/20, video 14 mins. Another excellent resource for AT teachers about teaching people with scoliosis is here. There is also mention of working with different leg lengths in Lulie Westfeldt's book, especially pp. 86-7.

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Jane O  3/6/20   20 mins

Jamie  11/6/20   25 mins

Janet  25/6/20   23 mins


Jamie  16/7/20   31 mins

Sue Fl  23/7/20   27 mins


Screenshot of Zoom Class Thurs 16 July 2020

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